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 Quick Guide for newbs

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PostSubject: Quick Guide for newbs   Fri Aug 01, 2008 3:52 am

just a quick guide for anyone new to the game , it explains all you need to know to gwt started

About the game

In some ways, the game is very similar to Uwars:

1) You start with a basic village
2) You build up your village
3) You have armies that you can attack with
4) There are alliances
5) You have to research stuff to get certain buildings
6) You can start wars with others

1) You can have multiple villages.
2) You can share resources with other people.
3) Battle system makes sense, if they're farther away, it takes longer to send attacks.
4) Your village/island/world has a graphical interface.
5) Islands (unlike planets) have to work together to increase resource yields.
6) Each island only has 2 resources, all others must be purchased or you must build multiple islands and send them to your other islands.

Just starting out

When you first begin you need to start building you village. The first thing you should do (regardless of which island your on) is to click on Island View and put all 40 of your workers on collecting wood. While you are here, you can see what your island gives you as a resource.

Here is the initial order of what should get built in what order at the start:
1) Academy - Remember to put workers on it (max it out, the rest go on wood)
2) Trading Port - You will need it to receive goods (especially if I am sending you some to start you off)
3) Barracks - Get ready to start getting your army ready! It is not very urgent to have a big army at the start, so wait until you have upgraded to the point where you can build Phalanx units before you start building up your military (they are one of the best troops in the game). The slingers suck.
4) Wall - You can do this earlier, but it takes 5x longer then the rest of the starting buildings, also since you have no resources mostly at the start, there is nothing to steal if you get attacked!

Your Starting Island Resources

While that is being built here are the 4 resources that it is possible to get:

Wine: Used when you build your tavern. This will make your citizens very happy. If they are happy you will grow your population faster. If you grow it faster you can put more workers on resources and have more citizens ready to join your armies.
First town advantages: Your citizens will be happy and you will almost always have extra wine to sell and buy extra supplies. Wine usually fetches an ok price.
First town disadvantages: You need a lot of marble at the start, which you'll have to buy. Same goes with Crystal Glass for expanding your Academy. You also will have to purchase sulfur to get your military off the ground.

Sulfur: This is used for building your navy and building your military fleet. If you find yourself on a sulfur island at the very start, don't waste a lot of your sulfur on building a military! At this point you probably have very little or no gold, so selling it will be better in the long run.
First town advantages: You can build up your army and navel fleet faster then most people.
First town disadvantages: Doesn't fetch a good price on market and things you need like marble are very expensive to buy.

Marble: All your buildings (except for your Academy) will need marble in order to get bigger. After you've expanded your buildings past lvl 2, they'll all require an increasing amount of marble to expand.
First town advantages: You can build your town up quickly if you have marble in your first town! Marble sells for the highest price at the market.
First town disadvantages: You'll have to purchase wine when you get a tavern, you'll have to buy sulfur to get a military, and more importantly, you'll have to buy a bunch of crystal glass to research quickly if you want to build your buildings and expand.

Crystal Glass: There are only 2 uses for Crystal Glass, expanding your Academy and advancing your research quickly (farther in the game).
First town advantages: Research is the thing that takes the longest in the game. This will help you a great deal in expanding your academy quickly to get more workers researching. Crystal glass usually brings in a good chuck of coin when you sell what you don't need right away, but not as good as marble.
First town disadvantages: You have to buy your own marble, sulfur and wine! So if you can't find a buyer for it, you'll be stuck defenseless, unable to build and not able to grow.

What buildings do

Town Center: This is where you get your citizens from. It also gives helpful information about how many citizens you have, income in the town and happiness level. Always make sure that you have some free room to add more citizens.

Academy: This is where you do your research, you always want a high level on your academy until everything is researched. That could take a year if you didn't expand your academy! Always check to make sure the workers are always maxed out in your academy.

Trading Port: Very important to have at the start. This is what you require to build trade ships to send and receive resources. Each ship can carry 300 resources. Each upgrade decreases the amount of time it takes to load and unload resources from the ship.

Barracks: This is where you train troops. This is also where you can train people such as doctors later in the game who will actually heal your troops giving you a tactical advantage when you attack/get attacked. Increasing the levels in this building decreases the amount of time it takes to build new troops.

Trading Post: This is where you sell your goods to other or buy items from others. The higher the level of your trading post, the farther away you can buy things for sale. If a resource you are in need of isn't for sale, there's a good chance that expanding your trading post will find the resource you need. Also, the farther out you go the better the chance is that you can find your resource selling at a cheaper price. Also, the farther out you go, the better the chance is that someone is willing to buy your resource for more gold.

Warehouse: The purpose of the building is to store your goods. You're limited by the amount of resources that you can carry, increasing the warehouse is always a good idea. The other advantage of increasing your warehouse size is it increases the amount of resources that can't be looted from your village. So if you do get attacked in the early part of the game, and you have a high warehouse limit, they won't get any/many resources from you.

Shipyard: This is where you build your navy. It is important to have a navy when you're getting attacked from other islands. Your navy is your first line of defense. Increasing this building will lower the amount of time needed to build new ships.

Walls: If the armies broke through your navy, the next thing they have to contend with is your wall. As a rule of thumb, your wall should ALWAYS be the same level as your Town Center. Each level increases the defense rate of all your troops.

Palace: You only get one of these, and you'll put it in your main town. Every time you increase a level in your palace, you increase the amount of towns you get. The first two are fairly cheap, but it gets expensive (for me to get my 5th town I need 50k wood, 11k wine, 27k marble, 22k crystal glass) also, when you get multiple villages, you'll have to build a governors residence in the other towns. They all have to be the same level as your palace, or else there will be corruption in your city which can limit production.

Embassy: Once you build an embassy you'll have the ability to join alliances and make your own (at lvl 3). Once you're in an alliance, you can send diplomacy points to other members, get bonus resources. Set up posts for other people etc. Increasing these levels allows you to increase the amount of diplomatic points your villages have to use.

Workshop: This is where you can upgrade the stats on your troops. I read somewhere in the forums that there really isn't much implemented yet in here, but I upgraded a bunch of stuff anyways when I started raking in the gold.

Museum: These become VERY handy later on when your capable of building them. You can exchange Cultural Goods with other people from other islands. Each time you do, whatever village you have your museum in will get +50 happy citizens for every cultural good you have! Each level you increase will increase the amount of goods you can have.

Now you've probably noticed the spot around the middle of your village without a flag, when you finally research Bureaucracy. I'm about 5 days out from researching this as of this post. Apparently this allows you to build any one additional building in each village you have. This can be helpful if you find you're always running out of crystal glass, or you can't build troops fast enough. It's a free spot! Think carefully about what you're going to do with it.

Buying and Selling

This is a big part of the game, especially when you don't have 4 villages (one of each resource) that you can trade around. Here's the basics of buying and selling:

I am looking for: Is resources that people have for sale currently. You can buy directly from this list. Just choose the resource your looking for.

I offer: Is where you go if you have a resource you need to get rid of right away. You will tend to get less if you sell this way, as people tend to offer less for it.

Buy/Sell at the bottom: If you're not in a big hurry to sell your items put it up for sale here. A good example would be that say you had 3000 left over marble that you want to get rid of. Everyone is selling it for 45g each, but under the "I offer" people are only willing to pay 25g for it! If everyone is selling it for 45g, you can sell it for 44, 43, 40. Chances are as long as you're the lower of the prices, someone will buy it who is in need of that material at that time.

Other Stuff

That's all the basic stuff you need to know. If I go into any more detail I'll just confuse people! lol. If you're joining Theta, please let me know what your co-ordinates are and I'll add them to the list!
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Quick Guide for newbs
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