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 Market Guide

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PostSubject: Market Guide   Fri Aug 01, 2008 3:53 am

So you see the market there all the time but the only thing you really use it for is to buy the last pieces of iron or wood that you need to construct the number of buildings you need.

Well, the market has a greater use than that, if you use it right.

The essentials
(these numbers are based on market values, which you would receive if you have merc 20)
Food: goes between 0.30 - 0.40 gold
Iron: goes between 0.80 - 1.20 gold
Wood: goes between 0.90 - 1.30 gold
Oil: goes between 5.00 - 6.50 gold

Naturally, you don't start at merc 20 so you won't be buying and selling these resources at these prices. At least, not to start.

Where to start
So you get horrible deals at the market because you have a terrible merc rating. There's 3 really quick and easy things you can do to raise this level up.

1. buy and sell food any time you can. Yes, you'll lose gold on every transaction but not a fortune. You do a dozen or so trades and you'll likely get some merc points.

2. always trade what you need to trade to get a merc point. At the bottom of the market screen, it tells you what the minimum trade has to be to be considered for a level up. If it says 50,000 minimum, then trade 50,000. I am paranoid, so I tend to trade 50,010 or something. Just to make sure it's over. That goes for buying and selling.
Keep in mind that this includes sales of bigger quantity. If you have 200k food, and your minimum to level up is 50,000... then sell 50,000, then sell 50,000 again, and again and again. It means some extra clicks to sell it but you have 4 chances at a level up this way instead of just one.

3. Don't be afraid to spend lightbulbs on merc points. Once you get to higher levels, it becomes increasingly more rare to get level ups from trades. I used 20k lightbulbs to get to level 20, so can you. Read further, you'll see it's worth it.

So now I'm merc 20, or close... now what?
As you can see from the values I posted in the essentials, food is near worthless, iron and wood are pretty much the same value as gold and oil... well, oil, like W Bush, is what we want.

1 oil is worth 6 gold to you. That means you could sell 1 oil and have 3 gold and 3 iron... or 3 gold and 3 wood, or 3 gold and 9 food! From 1 oil! If you had a worker gathering gold, your 1 gold would be... 1 gold.

Oil also happens to have the biggest fluctuation margin. That means it's lowest point and it's highest point are the furthest apart. Lucky for us, oil tends to go up and down like a roller coaster rather than at random like a stock in the stockmarket. So we can use this to our advantage.

Even if you're at merc 17 or 18 you can still buy oil in the low 5's and sell it in the low 6's and make a profit. If you are merc 20, you will make a huge profit.

Think of it this way, if you buy 1 oil when it's 5.20 and wait a few hours and sell it it at 6.20, you'll have made 1 gold for doing nothing but waiting. Now multiply that by millions.

Cargo Warehouses
This is what determines just how much you can buy and trade at any given time... and it takes 3 ticks for these things to clear out. So if you sell 1mil food, and only have 100 cargo warehouses, you'll be waiting 3 ticks to use the market again.

There is a limit in this game of 500, which means you can do market trades up to 5mil at a time of food, iron, wood or oil. Gold doesn't count since it's what we get and use to make the trades.

Some market math
This mean, if you've been following along, you can sell 5mil oil at 6.00 and get 30mil gold for it.
Then when the price of oil drops back down to 5.00, you can buy 6mil oil!!
You've just made 1 mil oil in a few hours for doing nothing.
Now I know you can only do 5mil oil trades at a time but if you wait 3 ticks, you can do another 5mil.

When you have 6mil oil, you sell for 6.00 and make 36mil gold. Then buy again at 5.00 and you will have 7.2mil oil.
You just made another 1.25mil oil!

Sell that at 6.00 and you'll have 43.2mil gold!

Do you see where I'm going with this???

Is this safe?
The obvious answer is, no. But it's only obvious because we're concentrating on our armies, our growth and our attacks. We're so afraid to lose our resources that we don't spend any time using our resources. We just spend them as quick as we get them.

The market is not some other game, it's part of this game.
Ticks are 15(or 10) minutes apart. This means that the 100k you got from killing some poor schmuck can be sold in the market for 6.00 and presto, you've got 600k gold. Now, go out and attack again and use the resources from that to build, and put that 600k gold back into oil when it hits 5.00.

This is like the real stock market where you don't have to put your entire life savings into it and hope for the best.
No, instead you can win one battle, and put those resources into the market. Then, work with that. Let it grow, let it work for you. Get your merc level up with it throwing food back and forth... buy sell buy sell.
Meanwhile still be attacking and defending like normal and using the resources from those battles.

The market, when used properly, can help you grow way faster than farming alone. Imagine winning 1mil oil from an attack and then cashing in your market trade to get another 1mil oil at the same time. Sell it all and suddenly you've got 50mil gold to spend!

Sounds good, doesn't it?
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PostSubject: Re: Market Guide   Thu Aug 21, 2008 11:32 pm

market is soooo helpfull Smile

(HIJACKED) hehehe
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PostSubject: Re: Market Guide   Fri Aug 22, 2008 3:03 am

i should ban you for this scratch
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PostSubject: Re: Market Guide   

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Market Guide
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